When you have cavities in your front teeth the last thing you want is a filling material that does not match the color of your teeth. With our cosmetic dentistry treatments, composite fillings fit the bill. Made of plastic and ceramic or plastic and glass, composite fillings are used in anterior restorations to maintain the natural look of teeth. After decades of usage for their aesthetic appeal, modern technology has only improved on them. They are now stronger than ever and used more extensively in restorations. People cannot usually tell that you have had any dental work done because they blend in so well with the natural color of your teeth. Composite fillings also feel better in your mouth. The surface is polished and finished so that it is as smooth and slick as your natural teeth.

For posterior teeth, amalgam still remains the most durable substance because of its staying power. They can be expected to last anywhere from eight years up to twenty. They can also better withstand the pressure exerted on the teeth by chewing. When the tooth will not be compromised by a less substantial material, composite fillings may be used on back teeth as well. This is usually in the case of smaller fillings that will not be subjected to the friction and pressure of chewing.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resins are comprised of plastic and glass or ceramic materials. There are different types of composite resins that are in use in dental offices today. Many of the composite fillings use a special light to harden the polymer. These are light activated resins. On large fillings the resin will be placed in layers with the light being used to harden each layer in turn. This will insure that the filling will be strong and durable. When all the material has been placed, the dentist will then trim and smooth it so that the site blends in with your tooth, leaving the surface smooth and polished.

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