Emergency Exam

You are probably aware that things can go wrong at the most inconvenient moments. Dental emergencies sometimes come from out of the blue and at other times, what was a preventable circumstance blows up into a situation that needs immediate attention. Emergency dentistry is available at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry just for those moments. While we practice general dentistry and encourage all of our patients to keep current with their dental care, situations requiring immediate attention can happen to anyone at any time.

According to a report from the American Dental Association, the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey discovered that hospital emergency rooms are experiencing an increase of dental emergency visits. This increase is putting a strain on a system that is already maxed out as far as medical care is concerned. Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry patients have the option of getting proper emergency dental care at our dental office. You will not have to suffer through long waiting room delays and you can be assured that you will receive comfort and care for your dental emergency that goes far beyond that of a hospital emergency room.

Some dental emergencies are simple and non-traumatic, such as a broken denture or a dislodged crown. Others are painful and serious such as a tooth knocked out at a ball game. You may be experiencing the pain of a tooth that has become infected. However, pain does not need to accompany the anxiety and discomfort of a dental emergency. At Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry, we want to alleviate your anxiety and of course your pain.

If you have severe dental pain, contact our office right away. Dr. Reagan and his team will do their best to quickly solve your dental problem.