It’s not enough to dream of a healthy smile. Having a mouth that is free from oral problems is ideal, but it is even more favorable if one has a complete set of bright-looking pearly whites.

Teeth whitening treatments have high demands nowadays. It is all because a lot of people today look up to those individuals with a white smile. Celebrities, for instance, are not just famous for their spectacular acting skills but they are also known to impress people with their beautiful smiles. The secret behind their glowing beam are the dental professionals, of course. Many of the popular TV personalities owe their pearly-white teeth with professional teeth whitening if not veneers.

Professional teeth whitening can erase teeth stains immediately and effectively unlike over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits. The treatment can counter discolorations that arise due to smoking, aging, excessive consumption of colorful foods or drinks, and poor oral hygiene. Patients are assured that by coming to our clinic at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry for professional teeth whitening, they will get more than what they paid for. Our teeth bleaching service promises to deliver nothing but a dazzling, long-lasting white smile.


What Can You Get out of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Safe Experience

Teeth sensitivity, gum tissue irritation, and harmed enamel—the risks of these conditions are lowered with professional teeth whitening. Dentists are particular with preventive measures; they always make sure to protect the other oral structures when performing the treatment to guarantee the patients’ safety.

The Best Whitening Results

There’s a big difference on the whitening agents that are present on both teeth whitening gels laid out by the dentists and those that are sold in stores. That is why the two options differ when it comes to whitening results as well. OTC teeth whitening products usually have 3 percent peroxide in them while professional bleaching gels contain as much as 35 percent of the main whitening ingredient.

Minimal Wait Time

Patients do not have to wait for weeks, months, or years before they can see dramatic changes with their smiles as professional teeth whitening deliver results right after the procedure is done! Typically, the whole treatment is finished in a few minutes up to an hour; which means that patients can expect their pearly whites to brighten up in just one session.

The smile looks healthier when the teeth are white. Invest in professional teeth whitening treatment, therefore.

Free your smile from stains! Contact us at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry and let us discuss with you our Teeth Whitening service in Hudson Oaks, TX. The said treatment might be the solution to your dull smile! To visit our clinic, find us at 200 South Oakridge Drive, Suite 106 Hudson Oaks, TX 76087.