Why Choose Teeth Whitening From A Dentist?

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Considering the multitude of over-the-counter teeth whitening products that are available today, you may be wondering what the real benefits are to letting your dentist professionally whiten your teeth. Although the cost may be higher, professional teeth whitening offers significant advantages over the toothpastes, mouth rinses and whitening strips you may find at your local grocery store.

Scheduling a teeth whitening treatment at your dental office can help you reap the following benefits towards a whiter, brighter smile:

More Convenient

Most over-the-counter products require days and weeks of use to get results. Some involve messy trays or strips that are not custom fit for your teeth. With professional whitening, patients can typically get better results in much less time. Sit comfortably in a dental chair for about an hour and walk away with a brilliant new smile.


Whitening agents have a tendency to cause tooth sensitivity. Using over-the-counter whitening products for a prolonged period of time and without proper monitoring by your dentist could result in damage to your tooth enamel or gums. With professional whitening, you’ll have the peace of mind that your whiter smile won’t be painful or lead to other dental problems.

Better Results

A professional whitening system contains medical-grade whitening agents that are not found in products you can buy at the store. They are designed to clean deep stains that have penetrated the porous surface layers of your teeth. Patients who have stubborn stains from smoking, red wine, coffee or even certain medication use can typically benefit more from a whitening treatment at the dentist. Not only is professional whitening more effective, but it can also produce longer-lasting results – which is a noteworthy benefit to your investment.

Teeth whitening continues totop the charts as the most sought after cosmetic dental procedure. At Hudson Family Dentistry, we proudly adopt the latest, most innovative whitening systems available for our patients. As the holidays approach, consider giving the gift of whiter teeth this year.A confident smile is priceless.

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