Hudson Oaks TX Urgent Dental CareDental emergencies can completely interrupt your well-planned day. You’re sprinting to your kid’s performance (they have the lead role!), maybe a few minutes late, check your watch, and down you go. Your tooth meets the pavement, and there goes going to the play! Or maybe your child has a fondness for sports. So many dental emergencies occur on a field or court. Baseball bats to teeth, headers with the soccer ball, or elbows to the mouth in basketball are just a few to speak of.

Dental emergencies range from those that are causing you a lot of pain, to those that are harmful to your appearance. Dental emergencies can include: great pain in the mouth, extreme or unexpected swelling, an inflammation around a tooth, a knocked out tooth, a severely cracked tooth, extreme or sudden tooth pain.

If you or your child happens to encounter one of these dental emergencies, you will need to find a dental office that offers emergency dentistry. Most dental offices are designed in the traditional manner of setting up appointments months in advance. Nowadays, some dental offices are catering to the immediate needs of their patients when an emergency occurs.

At Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry, we know accidents happen. Our desire is to make your dental emergency as easy and as pain free as possible for both children and adults. We cater to the Hudson Oaks lifestyle that demands immediate attention for your fast-paced life. We will get you back to your regularly scheduled events quickly and with great attention to your care.

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