In an instance where it seems impossible for the decayed tooth to be treated with root canals or saved with dental fillings, tooth extraction is the best resort. Here at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry, we offer teeth extractions and wisdom tooth removal. But to know more about these two, we prepared their facts down below:

Tooth Extraction—Defined!

The other term for tooth extraction is ‘dental extraction.’ It is a process wherein the tooth is pulled out from its socket.

Types Of Teeth Extractions

Dental professionals remove the tooth in two ways. It is either done through simple or surgical extraction. The first option is executed on the tooth that is showing in the mouth. To successfully extract the visible tooth, it will be loosened with a dental tool known as ‘elevator’ and pulled afterward using the forceps. Surgical extraction, on the other hand, is performed on those with an impacted tooth or premature teeth that are not yet visible on the gums. This type of extraction is quite complicated as it requires the creation of a small incision in the gum.

Good Candidates For Tooth Extraction

Both young and adult patients can undergo an extraction. People who want to get rid of their pearly white that has been affected by the decay or infection can take advantage of the said procedure. Teenagers who are suffering from overcrowded smiles can also benefit from teeth extractions. Most especially, those who are suffering from swelling, pain, and inflammation due to the abnormal eruption of their wisdom teeth are encouraged to have their third molars removed.

The Advantages Of Teeth Extractions

Removing the unnecessary tooth in the mouth before the orthodontic treatment can help the teeth move easily into their proper places, thereby giving patients a well-aligned smile after. Tooth extraction is also beneficial as it helps maintain the healthy condition of the other teeth—like in the case of a wisdom tooth removal where the problematic third molar is extracted to prevent it from spreading problems in the mouth.

After tooth extraction, we recommend patients to replace their pulled-out tooth with a restorative appliance to avoid the risk of teeth shifting, chewing difficulty as well as speaking problems.

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