Dentistry has been taking advantage of the technological advances to improve its treatments and procedures. The services being offered can now provide fast, effective, efficient, and pain-free results. That might be the case, but some people still tend to dread dental treatments and would choose to avoid scheduling dental appointments.

Avoiding the necessary treatments can lead to a more severe type of dental complications. Over the counter pain relievers may be effective in alleviating pain and discomfort, but its effect does not stay long. To effectively cure a dental issue, the root of the problem should be taken care of and not only its symptoms.

Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry offers a solution for those patients who are too afraid or anxious to receive dental treatments. It is in the form of Sedation Dentistry with options of Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation. Patients can worry less by staying fully comfortable and relaxed while receiving dental treatments.

Facts About Sedation Dentistry

  • Sedation dentistry is also referred to as Sleep dentistry although that is not really the case. Patients can stay fully awake and alert during dental treatments without triggering their fears or anxiety.

  • Different levels of Sedation can be performed to ensure the patient’s full comfort. Factors such as duration, amount, and type of treatment will be considered in deciding the level of Sedation to be used for the patient.

  • Minimal sedation. It lets the patient stay awake and alert during the whole procedure.

  • Moderate Sedation. The patient's words can come out as a mumble, and they may not remember much of the treatment performed.

  • Deep sedation. It brings the patient to the edge of consciousness, but they can still be easily awakened with a gentle tap.

  • It is highly effective in providing comfort by inducing a feeling of being calm and relaxed mental state for patients to receive the necessary dental treatments they need. The negative emotions they usually feel are under control for better maintenance of their dental health.

  • The dental procedures are performed more efficiently since the dentist do not have to worry about the state of their patients.

  • Before deciding on the type of Sedation to be used, the dentist will first evaluate the current medications and health status of a specific patient. It is to ensure the effectivity and the safety of the patient to prevent any complications from developing.

  • Sedation dentistry is not only for patients who want to overcome dental fear and anxiety. It can also be used by:

  • Patients who need to undergo multiple dental procedures in a single visit

  • Those with a severe gag reflex

  • Low pain threshold

  • People with special needs

  • Children at a certain age who are not yet cooperative

  • High tooth sensitivity

Sedation dentistry is highly beneficial and can be undergone by anyone due to its guaranteed safety and effectivity. Relax without any worries while receiving dental treatments with Sedation Dentistry!


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Sedation Dentistry services in Hudson Oaks, TX. Book your appointment with us at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry and let us help you undergo worry-free and painless dental treatments to achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!