The Anatomy of a Tooth

Hudson Oaks TX General DentistOften times we take for granted the functions of each of the parts of our body.  Our bodies work like machines functioning with little to no instruction or effort on our part.  It’s when one of those parts begins to cause us pain or discomfort that we realize the gift that each of our parts are to us.  Let’s discuss the anatomy, and function of the tooth.


Enamel is the hardest, white outer part of the tooth.  It is mostly made of calcium phosphate, a rock-hard mineral. 

Dentin is a layer underlying the enamel.  It is made of living cells, which secrete a hard mineral substance. 

Pulp is the softer, living inner structure of your teeth. 

Cementum is the layer of connective tissue that binds the roots of the teeth firmly to the gums and jawbone. 

Periodontal ligament is the tissue that helps hold the teeth tightly against the jaw. 


Your teeth function in three main ways.  They break down (masticate) food, they enable you to pronounce words, and they shape your face.  Most adults have 32 teeth that work together, each performing their unique role. They add to the beauty and function of your mouth and physical wellbeing.  

After being reminded of the gift of our teeth to our overall health and wellbeing, we can be thankful for them, and routinely care for them.  One way to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth is to visit your dentist on a regular basis.  At Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry we’d like to help as you strive to care for one of your most beautiful assets, your teeth!

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