Hudson Oaks TX DentistAt Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry, we offer regular cleanings and checkups to help ensure you’re on the right track to optimal dental health. During our cleaning, we help prevent buildup of plaque and aid in preventing cavities. When we check on your teeth we comprehensively examine your teeth to look for tooth decay or any other problems that might be related to your dental health.

These regular cleanings and checkups should take place every six months. You can do your part every day to keep your teeth clean as well. You should be brushing your teeth two times per day. You also should be flossing your teeth one time per day.

Did you know that drinking water is also a great way to keep your mouth healthy and happy? According to WebMD you should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This helps hydrate your body and keep it functioning at it’s best.

Drinking water also benefits your teeth.

  •  Water with fluoride is a way to strengthen your teeth and fight cavities.
  • Water produces saliva, which is your first defense against cavities. It cleanses leftover food, assists in swallowing and your teeth remain strong by its cleaning power with calcium, phosphate and fluoride.
  • Water is better than other drinks such as juice, soda or sports drinks to fight your thirst. Water leaves behind no unwelcome sugar on your teeth. You have cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, and it loves to consume sugar. It also produces acid that wears away your enamel and your teeth!

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