Headaches are common to the general population with about 90% of people suffering from common tension headaches. There is a type of headache that comes from clenching or grinding teeth. This type is less common. It is a symptom of tempomandibular joint dysfunction/disorder or TMJ/TMD. The pain from this type of headache is caused by tightening of the muscles around the jaw and the jaw joint. Nearly a third of the adult population in the U.S. experiences this pain. It happens most often to people in the 20-40 year old age range.

These headaches can be quite painful, however they are not life threatening and can treated with general dental care. Treatment for TMJ/TMD can help lessen or eliminate the pain and the problems that accompany this disorder. The constant grinding of teeth will eventually wear down the enamel subjecting the teeth to weakening and decay. Many people are not even aware of what they are doing because it usually happens at night. It can also happen during times of severe stress. Your sleep partner may notice the noise of your teeth grinding against one another. Parents will sometimes hear the grating noise when children have this disorder.

Accurate Diagnosis

If you are experiencing severe headaches and think they may be caused by TMJ/TMD, a battery of simple tests can make an accurate determination. The dentist at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry will consult with you after the tests to create your plan of action if it shows that you suffer from the disorder. Such a treatment plan can give you a new lease on life by causing the pain to diminish if you follow it faithfully. Some people have had their headaches eliminated with proper care.

You need not suffer from headaches caused by TMJ/TMD when relief is available. Contact Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation for you or a family member. Once you are accurately diagnosed your treatment plan for relief will be implemented and you will be on the road to recovery.