Did you know that the condition of your mouth affects just about every other area of your well-being? It is not just about having a pretty smile, although that counts immensely by itself especially if you are in the public eye often. When your mouth is in not in good shape it can affect the way you act, the way you think about yourself and it can impair your physical health. Regular cleanings and checkups as part of your general dental care can stop problems before they start. If there are already dental issues that need addressing, regular exams will help you stay on track in getting them resolved before they develop into serious problems. Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry is committed to ensuring that our patients have the information they need to help them maintain good oral health once it has been established.

Every six months is the suggested schedule for professional cleanings to keep your mouth in the very best shape. This will prevent problems of dental caries (cavities) developing on the enamel of your teeth. It is also the best way to prevent and detect changes in the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. Besides cavities, periodontal disease is one of the major factors in tooth loss. Regular removal of plaque buildup prevents periodontitis. If you suffer from puffy and bleeding gums, do not wait one moment longer to come in for an oral exam and periodontal treatment. Left untreated, this disease can cause other serious health problems including an increase in the risk of heart attack.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

It is important that you have regular dental exams to keep your teeth healthy. With our comprehensive dental exams, we not only check your teeth for decay, we also look for periodontal problems or gum disease. Another important part of the comprehensive dental exam is the oral cancer screening. This simple painless exam of the soft tissues of your mouth only takes a few minutes. This quick procedure can prevent major health problems in the future. Less than 20% of the general public has this screening done even though it can literally save lives. At Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry your annual oral exam will aid in early detection of any problems.

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