Missing teeth can cause a host of issues including problems with chewing your food. For the best absorption of nutrients, the body needs foods broken down sufficiently. Missing teeth can cause you to swallow foods that have not been chewed properly which ultimately can affect your digestive health. Missing teeth can also have an impact on your speech. Depending on which teeth are missing, it can distort your appearance also making you look older than your age.

Huge gaps due to missing teeth can be embarrassing. Dental bridges are a cosmetic dental treatment that can solve the problems that arise when you have teeth that have been lost. A bridge can make a big difference in how you look, how you eat and how you feel about yourself.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge

When you have teeth missing between other teeth, you can have a partial denture made to fill in the gap, you can get dental implants if you are a good candidate or you can have a bridge made. The advantage of a bridge is that it is permanent unlike a partial denture which is removable. A dental bridge is also not as expensive as dental implants.

The teeth on either side of the gap are called abutment teeth. The bridge closes the gap giving you a natural smile once again. Dental bridges are crafted from metal and porcelain. A metal base covers the two abutment teeth and spans the gap. It is covered with porcelain which is designed to look like real teeth. The porcelain is fused to the metal base. The abutment teeth are prepared in advance and once the bridge is ready it is permanently cemented on them.

Once you see the remarkable difference a bridge makes in your smile, you will be happy that you made the choice. In some cases, partial dentures will serve better, but for those who are good candidates for a dental bridge, this is usually the course of choice. There is some special upkeep required for bridges which your dentist will cover with you. However, it is well worth the additional care once you begin to enjoy your favorite foods again.

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