When you have a tooth that has been severely damaged or has a large filling, but is still salvageable, it probably will need to have a crown. Dental crowns protect the tooth from further damage. Traditionally, they have been either metal like stainless steel or metal with an overlay of porcelain so that the crown looks like your natural tooth. In some situations a traditional crown is called for.

The procedure for these types of crowns can be a bit involved with our general dental care treatments. The tooth needs to be prepared for the crown. An impression of the tooth is taken then a model is made and the crown itself is created using the model. While the crown is in the process of being made, you will have a temporary crown placed over the prepared tooth. This temporary crown is meant to last only as long as necessary before the permanent crown is placed. At that time, the temporary crown will be removed and the tooth thoroughly cleaned. Permanent dental cement is used to seat the crown on the tooth. Next, if necessary the crown is trimmed to fit your bite comfortably.

Cerec One Visit Dental Crowns

With advances in dental technology, there is now a newer method of creating crowns. Cerec Dental Crowns only take one visit. This method eliminates the multiple visits usually associated with getting a tooth crowned. A specialized technology is used which images the tooth and then creates a permanent crown restoration. This is usually done within a couple of hours in our office. After the crown has been imaged and milled, it can be put on the existing tooth. Just as with the traditional method of ceramic crowns, the Cerec Dental Crowns are constructed to match your tooth color. This method is convenient and fast.

Your dentist at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry is happy to tell you more about the Cerec Dental Crowns option. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment or for more information about this revolutionary treatment.