Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems including bone loss and shifting of neighboring teeth. As teeth move out of correct alignment, food traps can form making it more difficult for you to get your teeth as clean as they should be. Food traps often lead to dental decay as bacteria proliferate in the area producing acids that break down tooth enamel. This can be prevented with dental implants.

Through a minor surgical restorative dentistry procedure small titanium posts similar in shape to screws are placed in the area where the root of the missing tooth would be. A porcelain crown fabricated to look and feel like a real tooth is placed on top of the post. In many cases implants are used to restore a single tooth, however they have also been used to provide abutment structures for bridgework as well as anchors for denture work. When used as denture anchors, there is a locking mechanism to hold the dentures in place so that they do not move or shift while eating or speaking. With dental implants, you can feel confident with your smile.

The success rate of such implants is very high with the best success being achieved in the visible areas of the mouth where teeth have only one root. Rarely, the implant will fail usually due to bacterial buildup and can damage the implant. That is why it is imperative that one practices good oral hygiene when opting for implants. When a person is prone to clenching and grinding their teeth there is a chance that the body may reject the implant causing it to fail. Patients who invest in dental implants at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry are given instructions on how to properly care for and maintain them for optimum success.

Implant Repairs

Very rarely a dental implant will fracture or have some other problem. If you notice anything unusual with your implant, contact our office and make an appointment right away for an assessment. Your dentist will examine the implant and determine what the next steps should be. Each situation is unique and needs to be professionally handled.