There are a variety of dental and health problems that can result from misaligned teeth. Getting your teeth straightened is not just about looking good and having a beautiful smile. When your top and bottom teeth do not fit together properly, your bite is off. Misalignment or malocclusion of teeth can cause you to bite your tongue or cheek frequently when chewing. Lisping and mouth breathing are also by products of malocclusion. Orthodontics can rectify these issues and change your appearance as it enhances your smile.

There have been some major breakthroughs in how teeth are realigned into the proper position in the last several years. At Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry, we can get your teeth straight with one of the newest techniques for correcting simple malocclusions.

Teeth can get out of alignment for several reasons. Thumb sucking, staying on the bottle too long and poor dental care are a few of the reasons why some people experience malocclusions. Other reasons are unavoidable such as cleft palate, or cleft lip, tumors in the jaw or mouth, impacted teeth and teeth that are abnormally shaped. Most of these problems can be corrected.

The Orthodontic Option

Certainly there are people who live with misaligned teeth their entire lives with no great consequences. You do have options, however. In the past, people were subject to wearing uncomfortable metal braces and sometimes straightening the teeth was worse than having crooked teeth. Today's option include methods that do not use metal ligatures and bands to move the teeth. Braces are more comfortable and in some cases, practically invisible. Teeth are moved faster with less pain and you do not need to be put on a special diet while you have braces.

If you have misalignment of your teeth and you want to consider orthodontics, contact Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry today to make an appointment for an exam and consultation. Your dentist will make an assessment and advise you on the best course of action to get your teeth back into correct alignment.