Changing Your Toothbrush This Fall

Fall is a time when we all consider changes in our lives.  Have you considered that you might need to make some simple dental changes as well?  The most basic and common instrument of dental care is the toothbrush.  They come in shapes of superheroes or princesses, everyone’s favorite colors, manual, electric, different brush head sizes, and bristle firmness.  Since you use your toothbrush to clean your teeth each day, it’s easy to assume that they are clean as well.  But, it’s good to remember that sometimes it’s important to clean your teeth cleaning mechanism. 

A plethora of bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses can live quiet happily in your toothbrush for months.  Scientists have found that more than 10 million bacteria could be living in a single toothbrush.  Lingering microorganisms can multiply and can compromise your oral health. They can actually lead to other health problems in your body.  

Keep your toothbrush clean to stay healthy.  The best way to avoid unhealthy effects of an unclean toothbrush is to clean your toothbrush and replace it regularly.  Unclean toothbrushes will and can continue to infect you over and over again.  Always let your toothbrush dry out between brushing because microorganisms tend to multiply and grow in damp and dark environments.  Shake your toothbrush out after rinsing it out each time.

You can clean your toothbrush periodically as well.  You can soak it in boiling water or antibacterial mouthwash for about 10 minutes.  All of these methods are somewhat effective, but the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria is to replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or after you’ve been sick. 

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