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Why Should You Consider Getting Composite Filling?

Hudson Oaks
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Tooth decay and cavities leave a negative impression. Composite fillings are now becoming more popular in repairing tooth damage caused decay and cavities. Aside from treating tooth decay and cavities, it is also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth. Below are the following benefits that composite filling offers:

  • Composite resin fillings are less invasive unlike other types of fillings

Some tooth fillings may require the removal of a significant portion of the natural tooth along with the decayed area of the tooth in order to place the filling. This process will often lead to overall weakness of the tooth structure. However, composite fillings require much less reduction of the tooth’s portion. Once the filling has completely bonded to the natural tooth, it results in a stronger overall tooth.

  • Composite fillings harden within a few seconds

Once the filling has been placed, a special curing light to harden each layer of the filling. The use of special curing light helps in shortening the duration it takes the bonding agent to harden. It will only take less than a minute to cure and harden the filling completely.

  • Composite fillings are repairable

If composite fillings start to worn down, it can be repaired by the dentist. Dentists will clean and repair the filling once he noticed that there is damaged in the structure of the filling. That is why it is essential to visit the dentist regularly so that they can maintain and keep track of oral health.

  • Composite fillings can fix chipped and cracked teeth

Composite fillings can also be used in fixing chipped or cracked teeth. The features of composite fillings being durable, quick bonding, and natural-looking makes it ideal in repairing chips or cracks in the teeth.

  • The instances of experiencing tooth sensitivity are fewer compared to other types of fillings

Unlike other types of fillings, such as amalgams, composite resins, only result in fewer cases of tooth sensitivity. The reason for this is that the resin helps insulate the tooth from hot or cold temperatures. However, the patient may experience some mild tooth sensitivity immediately after the filling has been placed.

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