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You Can Afford a Smile Makeover

Hudson Oaks
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If you're embarrassed about the way that your teeth look, you might actually be able to afford doing something about it.

A common misconception is that smile makeovers have to be expensive. That just isn't so. In fact, Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry can tailor your cosmetic treatments to fit both your aesthetic needs as well as your budget.

Address the Biggest Problems First

Sometimes the most prominent flaw in your smile is a chip or gap in your teeth. Correcting this minor irregularity can have an immediate impact on the way your entire smile looks. If the first thing people notice is a chipped tooth, once you reshape it, it instantly goes away.

Minor cosmetic treatments don't have to be expensive. It may be something as simple as whitening your teeth. Professional teeth whitening works better than over-the-counter kits, because of the prescription strength product that is used. When you're whitening treatment is more effective, you need less of it. Treating your teeth in our office may actually be more affordable in the long-term, compared to purchasing a store-bought kit every few months.

Combining Treatments

Our Hudson Oaks dentist office often recommends combining different types of cosmetic therapies for the most dramatic results. You don't necessarily need to have 20 porcelain veneers. Yes, you can choose to have more complex treatment, but there might be a more budget – friendly solution.

Find out just how affordable a smile makeover can be, by calling Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry today. We'll be happy to discuss your options with you including which financing plans are available. You might just be surprised! Contact us today to get started.

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