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The Causes of Dental Phobia

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Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry provides a full selection of dental services for patients in Hudson Oaks, Weatherford, Willow Park and the surrounding Parker County areas. We deliver services in a comfortable environment geared to relax and calm patients so that they have the best dental experience available. 
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Dental phobia is an irrational fear of dentists and dental procedures. If you have this fear, you know how difficult it is to care for your oral health and avail of the dental treatments you need. People who suffer from this problem often have difficulty sleeping the night before their dental visit. They will tend to feel nervous when a piece of dental equipment is placed inside their mouth. Unfortunately, this intense uneasiness prevents them from receiving the oral care they need.

Dental phobia is a common problem that dentists face when handling patients. For that reason, Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry offers services in sedation dentistry to help these patients relax while they undergo dental procedures.

To overcome your fear of the dentist, you must know the causes of this condition. Here are some of the common reasons why people experience dental phobia. Read on to find out!

Past dental experience

The most prevalent cause of dental phobia is from past dental experiences. If you once had a negative experience in the dentist’s chair, this can bring you much trauma. Because of this, you will most likely be anxious about your next dental visit.

Sensitivity to dental smell

Did you know that there are people who get afraid with just the smell of a dental office? This sensitivity to the smell of a dental office can be attributed to a patient’s trauma with that particular smell. If you suffer from this kind of dental phobia, discuss it with your dentist so they can give you the best course of action to help you overcome your fear of the smell of a dental office.

Other phobias and mental conditions

Different kinds of phobias and mental disorders have the ability to trigger dental anxiety. Aside from that, psychological conditions such as PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder can increase the likelihood of having dental phobia.

Embarrassment over a dental condition

Another cause of dental phobia may be an already existing dental condition of the patient. Having conditions such as a missing or broken tooth, cavities, and bad breath makes people anxious when they visit the dentist.

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