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The Things to Expect After Having Porcelain Veneers Placed

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For many, getting porcelain veneers is the answer to their teeth problems that have been bothering them for years. With the help of this particular dental prosthesis, one’s smile can be altered based on their needs and preferences without the hassle of requiring several dental procedures. After the patient has achieved their dream smile, there are still some things they need to do to ensure its long-lasting effects. At Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry, we expect that some patients have questions about the things to expect after having their veneers placed. That is why we have prepared the answers to some of the most common questions about it below.

How to care for porcelain veneers?

Caring for porcelain veneers is not too different from real teeth. There is no need for patients to make adjustments from their regular oral care routine, but switching to a toothbrush with softer bristles and a less invasive toothpaste is highly ideal.

Will the veneers stain?

One of the great advantages veneers made from porcelain offers is its resistance to stains. Thanks to this, patients are free to drink and eat anything without worrying about their possible staining properties. Patients can be confident that their teeth can stay bright and white for a long time.

How long do veneers last?

Usually, veneers can last from 10 to 15 years or even longer. The lifespan of this particular prosthesis depends on two main things: the material used and how well the wearer cares for them. So, to secure the longevity of a patient’s veneered smile, here are some easy tips to follow:

  • For people with bruxism, it is best to consider wearing a nightguard while sleeping
  • For athletes who availed of veneers, availing of mouthguards is ideal
  • Remember not to chew on ice, hard candies, fingernails, and other inedible objects
  • Make sure to brush the teeth twice a day and floss at least once
  • Avoid using the teeth as tools like when opening packets or cracking nuts
  • Visit the dentist at least twice a year by availing of regular dental checkups and cleanings

Is there a need to have porcelain veneers replaced?

During regular dental appointments, the dentist will be checking the veneers installed for any chips and cracks or leaks between the tooth and prosthesis. If any problems are spotted, dentists can repair the damaged veneer or have them fully replaced.

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