“The Time Is Right To Do What Is Right”

Hudson Oaks TX Dentist OfficeMonday, January 16th we celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “The time is right to do what is right.” He is remembered for his active and dynamic leadership that was highlighted by his nonviolent tactics to help propel the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. At age 35, he was the youngest man to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize.  His award was a testament to his theory that nonviolence was the best method in achieving peace and equality.

His quote “The time is right to do what is right,” applies to his plea to citizens to make the right decisions concerning the moral needs of our country. Can we apply this to your teeth? Are you waiting for the right time to care for your dental needs? Now is the right time.  Waiting and putting off your dental needs can have devastating effects to your dental and overall physical health.

At a regular teeth cleaning and checkup from your dentist, a skilled dentist, like Dr. J.C Reagan will be able to remove plaque and build up that flossing and brushing can miss. When you have this cleaning, you can expect to have a far lower risk for cavities and other painful dental procedures. 

The teeth cleaning process at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry also removes superficial stains from your teeth that leaves your teeth looking whiter and healthier. Regular teeth cleanings, along with their professional whitening agents will brighten your teeth without causing damage. Having bright and white teeth is a sign of youth, health and care. 

At your dental checkup your dentist will be able to uncover problems that you aren’t even aware that you’re experiencing. You may have a cavity without feeling any pain or having any symptoms. When your cavity is detected early, it can prevent bigger problems that may arise such as a root canal. Going to your regular check ups may end up saving you a lot of time and money on more complex dental procedures.

Now is the time to do what is right when it comes to your mouth. Don’t continue delaying to make your appointment for a check-up and cleaning. Come see Dr. Reagan and see how his team at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry can help you achieve complete dental health.

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