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Three Brushing Mistakes to Avoid

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Brushing the teeth is a very common practice both done by children and adults. Surely, after years and years of brushing, people would have mastered the art behind it. Don’t be so sure yet! Some people make multiple mistakes when brushing their teeth. Although simple, brushing mistakes can cause more harm than good. If a person has made these brushing mistakes, cleanings and checkups from dental offices can help them reverse the problems that might have arisen.  

Here are the top three brushing mistakes that people are not usually aware of:

Using the wrong type of toothbrush

With various kinds of brushes to choose from in the market, who wouldn’t get confused? Aside from being confused from the vast array of available brushes, people sometimes buy the nearest brush without giving a thought. The right type of toothbrush has soft bristles.

Soft bristles can bend and get under the gums to remove plaque deposits effectively. The size of the toothbrush must be considered as well. Those with smaller mouths should opt for brushes with smaller heads.

Not brushing long enough

At the end of the day, it might be tempting to have a quick brushing to hit the bed right away. The same goes for the morning when people are running late; they brush for a short while and run for it. However, proper brushing must take at least two minutes twice a day. To keep track of the time it takes to brush, playing a two-minute song may help.

Not replacing the toothbrush after some time of usage

Sometimes people get too busy and forget that it has been quite some time since they have renewed their toothbrush. Remember to check the bristles and make sure that they are not worn out or discolored. If they are, it is time to say farewell. It takes around 3-4 months for a toothbrush to wear out and need replacement.

Check the state of your teeth if you have been making some of these mistakes! Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry provides Cleanings & Checkups in Hudson Oaks, TX. Let us offer you the quality service you deserve. You can find us at 200 South Oakridge Drive, Suite 106, Hudson Oaks, TX 76087. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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