As annoying as it can be, accidents tend to happen when a person least expects them, and even if they are already cautious. Any emergency usually requires the immediate attention of professionals to, as much as possible, limit any damage. That is why we at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry assure patients that our practice is ready to take action if there is any need for immediate attention.

One example of dental emergency people can encounter is breaking a molar. Molars are the largest teeth located at the back portion of the jaw that help patients chew hard foods properly. With the help of these teeth, a patient is free to enjoy a wide array of food choices and not have trouble swallowing. Since these teeth are often used, people are more likely to notice if there are any issues. However, it is not that easy to detect any problem. So, to help people become more aware of the state of their molars, continue reading.


Symptoms of a Broken Molar

Signs vary depending on the cause and the issue itself. The damage may simply look like a hairline crack, but it does not mean that treatments can be put off like in the case of root canal treatments. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are:

  • Crunching sound under the ear

  • Pain that tends to go away

  • Pain felt when biting down into something

  • Increase in sensitivity

  • Weird sensation in the jaw when biting down

  • A chipped portion of the molar

  • Pimple-like growth near the problem tooth

  • Visible pus

If any of these issues are encountered, it is highly advised for the patient to seek immediate dental appointment.


What to expect, especially if actions are not taken

As hinted above, as molars are the teeth that assist with chewing, they are one of the essential oral structures. If these teeth are damaged, patients can expect that they can experience more eating issues.

Broken molars can cause excruciating pain, especially if the nerves are exposed. It does not only cause inconvenience; it can even affect a person’s focus and even sleep. Pain is more than just a sensation; it is the body’s way of saying that there is something wrong and that actions should be taken.

Remember postponing treatment as the earliest symptoms manifest would not do the person any good. It may even lead to more visits and expenses instead of a simpler solution.


Let us at Hudson Oaks Family Dentistry help you with your Emergency Dentistry needs in Hudson Oaks, TX! If any situations require immediate dental assistance, feel free to call or visit us.